Responsive Routines, Schedules, & Environments

In Responsive Routines, Schedules, & Environments, participants will learn how being intentional about establishing daily routines and setting up the environment can help young children feel confident and secure, paving the way for social-emotional growth; promote children’s active and safe exploration and learning; and facilitate positive child-peer and adult-child interactions.

PRISM trainings come with 3 primary components: a PDF script, a PowerPoint with embedded videos, and PDF handouts. The videos included in the PowerPoint can be previewed below. 


Videos for this training are embedded in the PowerPoint, so do not need to be downloaded invidually. You can preview videos included in the PowerPoint below.


All handouts for this training can be printed at once by downloading the PDF of all handouts and choosing 2-sided print in your printer settings, or, find a specific handout below.