NCPMI Inclusion Benefits Everyone (Children, Families, Providers, and Directors)

This is a 3-part webinar series (see links below).

In Session 1, Inclusive Routines in Early Care and Learning Environments, NCPMI presenters will explore how routines can be used as the foundation for including young children with and without disabilities in early care and learning environments. In this first of three webinars, NCPMI presenters will discuss how to design daily routines to implement inclusive practices in diverse care settings for children. Participants will learn how to use routines to support predictability and to create opportunities for young children to learn and meaningfully engage in naturally occurring environmental routines.

In Session 2, Inclusive Routines in Early Care and Learning Collaborative Teams, NCPMI presenters will explore how early care and learning providers and programs can use environmental routines to engage in coaching and collaborative teaming. Participants will learn how teams can use inclusive routines to benefit children’s development, to promote provider competence and confidence in using inclusive practices, and to positively impact workplace culture.

In Session 3, Inclusive Routines in Early Care and Learning Inclusive Routines, participants will explore how directors and administrators can support inclusion through responsive and joyful leadership. Directors will describe how inclusion is built across time through exploring culture; setting an inclusive mission, vision, and goals; having important conversations; and ensuring providers and teams have the professional development supports they want and need.